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Just because someone says they are a professional photographer does not mean they are the same as the last photographer you spoke with. Don't be afraid to ask photographers what their style is. Gia Randazzo Photography specializes in focusing on the essence of the person or people, life situation or event. We are about the raw, uncut moments of life. We focus on the tears as much as the smiles. Less is more. Realism is perfect. 

Professional photographers have different tips to support achieving the style they most like. For example, some photographers like their clients' clothing and accessories to look a specific way; they may ask you to wear different styles that really show off your personality. Some prefer 'imaginative' looks, such as a couch in the middle of a field, or a newborn baby lying a basket.  Gia Randazzo Photography focuses on LESS accessorizing so that we can highlight your expressions and emotions, instead of how you feel about fashion. We also have a 'realism' approach to how we set up a scene.  For instance, it is quite unlikely that a baby would be left in a basket by himself.  We would include a loved one in the photo,  interacting with the baby in some way.  If we were photographing a family in a field, they most likely would be on a blanket, not a couch.  (See where we're going here?) 

Each professional photographer has a different editing style and it is EXTREMELY important that you align with the style of the photographer that you choose. Gia Randazzo Photography honor wrinkles and age spots.  We can also see the importance of smoothing them out on request. We have no desire to make someone look airbrushed and unnatural. We want you to see yourself and recognize yourself with love instead of feeling like you will never be able to recreate the "perfect look" your photographer gave you.. 

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