Who I am is in the company I keep. I have an empire of loved ones with such diverse personalities that combined, they fulfill me on different levels. I am a transparent, authentic, genuine person with a primary goal of living a life that I can be proud of. 

This Is Me


I love igniting flames within people.


I laugh when animals look into my soul and make me feel like they know something I don't.


I have utilized my life to support people in feeling good about themselves.


I love photographing people that do not get excited over being photographed. The ones that are usually taking photos of their loved ones and avoiding the camera in general.


There is no right or wrong when I photograph people. We just enjoy ourselves and delete the ones that you dislike.


My belief is that when people are comfortable they will naturally look beautiful in their images. There are no unphotogenic people - just uncomfortable people.


I specialize in loving all souls. I hear what is not being said and I see what is not yet seen. I support loving all curves and honoring every scar.