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I am a woman that prides herself on being what is needed and so does my team of Associates. On this site, you will find an array of portrait styles!  My focus in portraiture is usually on raw emotions, always highlighting their authenticity. My team is committed to you! What style of portraits would you love? Bright and airy? Or shadows setting the tone for moody? My studio can be brought to your home for a catered luxury experience or you can come to us, either way, be prepared to love your experience. Gia Randazzo Productions is also now offering customized Video Productions for your wedding day or as an add-on to any Portrait experience. 


Meet Our Management


Cris Michelle

Kristina Johnson wears multiple hats within GRP! She is my Lead Wardrobe Stylist and (if you can get in her calendar the woman is an infinite source of knowledge and style). She is also my Production Manager for my larger-scale clients. We are Extremely lucky to have her skill set be accessible to GRP clientele and well myself! Did I mention she is greatness? Fun Fact! She is the Lead Vocals for SEVERAL popular Tribute & Cover bands! Check out her website for her bands.

Cris Michelle is My Hair & Makeup Team Lead! She stays ready to travel for all my client's unique requests for our services. She is often found empowering and hyping up our clients throughout their sessions! Cris not only will have you feeling good about yourself whether it is an everyday refreshing look or a Glammed up to the nines look, she will also feel like the best friend you've always wanted during your session. Cris is a traveling stylist so you can count on her being AT your session when you add Hair and Makeup! If not her she will send out a team member worthy of your project! 

Kristina Johnson

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